An Industrial Attachment is an integral component in TIVET training which usually is a three months practical training period. During the period a student works in an industry related to their course of study, and in the process, the student applies his trade theory in tackling practical industrial tasks. The student will in the process acquire relevant skills, knowledge and work ethics. Since students on attachment have to cater for their accommodation and upkeep, they are encouraged to seek attachment places most convenient to them.
The Industrial Attachment Department comprises Industrial Attachment Co-ordinator and Deputy and members of a coordinating committee who representing each of the 6 academic departments. The Industrial Attachment Office at KIST is charged with the responsibility of coordinating industrial attachment and assessment activities for the whole institution, both for staff members and trainees. These activities include:
1. Closely work with the Institute Principal and other members of the Institute Management on issues of industrial attachment.
2. Setting and maintenance of Industrial attachmentProcedures, standards and programs for the Institute.
3. Sourcing and procuring Insurance Cover for all trainees
Proceeding for attachment throughout the year.
4. Liaising with relevant government agencies on matters of Industrial attachment such as National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).
5. Liaising with prospective industries on matters of training
and placement for industrial attachment of trainees.
6. Assessing the attaches during the attachment period. KIST staff will visit the attaches in their places of attachment, discuss their performance with their immediate industrial supervisors and objectively score their performance.
We will keep striving become a global leader in excellent indus┬Čtrial attachment placement and supervision.