The chief objective of the library is to acquire, or­ganize and disseminate information. This is infor­mation which is directly relevant to the academic needs of the courses offered in KIST. The library has an inviting atmosphere that motivates users to settle down to business.

Books are the major component of the library. Periodicals and journals including the daily newspapers that keeps the library users abreast with current information. The past ex­aminations papers equip the users with skills on how to ap­proach examination questions. The projects section exposes them to the wide world of innovations and creativity.

The ABN library system ensures efficiency of the library services. Users’ time is saved in the speed and accuracy that the automated system provides. Through the use of online

Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), users are able to find a book if they know the author, or the title or the subject. They are also able to see what the library has by a given author, in a given subject in a given kind of literature. Therefore, they are able to make a choice. The OPAC also enables a user to reserve a book for themselves if it is borrowed/or it is engaged at the time they need it.

The Library staff are qualified and quite competent. They ensure that the library in-formation materials are accessible in order to save the users’ time. Peaceful co-existence is highly regarded in the library in order to encourage knowledge empowerment through the utilization of library information materi­als