Currently the society is transiting from the conventional setting to a more contemporary setting. This present the current student with challenges that were not there before. The ministry of education found it necessary to begin Guidance and Counseling in institutes of higher learning.

The departments are given the task of coordinating all the ac­tivities that relate to Guidance and Counseling in the institute. This include

spe­cific topics affecting the students.

  1. Organizing open forums, orientation talks on issues and
  2. Collecting and disseminating information useful to the insti­tute’s community
  3. Handling and coordinating issue that affects the perfor­mance of both student and staff.
  4. Issues related to bursary.

The Guidance and Counseling department looks forward to the day it will be able to reach out to the Kiambu community through the peer counseling club on issues affecting the community.