The whole issue of welfare goes back to Genesis when God created man-kind, Adam, and saw that it was not good for him to live alone, and so out of him he created a helper. The recognition that as individuals the waters are too dangerous for us to swim alone and also the premise that human beings are social animals who have social need are the motivations behind welfare and KISTTWA is not unique. Human needs require welfare where each individual is welfare to another. In pursuant of this principle KIST welfare dates back to early years since initiation in 1973.
The objective was to assist the KIST staffs who were members whenever they had welfare issues ranging from parties to is-sues of loss of loved ones and other social interactions as weddings and baby showers. Over the years however, the welfare momentum has rose and sometimes slowed down but it has never stopped. In the year 2011 KIST designed to stream-line the welfare by formally appointing four members who are the current executive committee. Through this committee, the welfare has achieved significant milestones having developed a sound constitution and generated name for the welfare – Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology Teachers Welfare Association (KISTTWA).
The objectives are:

  1. To generate funds to sustain welfare activities
  2. To create a sense of oneness among the staff
  3. To provide assistance to members in occurrence of activities specified in the constitution
  4. To organize Education tours and end of year parties
  5. organize for public lectures in matters related to associations and community living

Most of these objectives have been achieved and the remaining ones are due to the fact that the welfare is still in the formative stage. The current focus as it was agreed in a Special General Meeting held on 25th May 2013 where several resolutions were tabled and adopted is to see the welfare shift from temporary membership to life membership upon registration with the Ministry of Gender and Social Services.
Another major milestone was the resolution that members would commit to pay the Kshs. 3,000/- annual fee which will see the welfare boost its income and also change its current philosophy where its main focus are issues of benevolence to embrace life building activities to benefit the social , economic well being of the members. Upon its registration and establishment the KIST BOG has pledged to give it support. The bottom line is that successful organizations build covenant relationships of members and this is the focus and the direction to go for the KISTTWA. A strong welfare acts as a pillar not only for support of welfare issues but also to inform the much needed corporate discipline of members in a world riddled with many crises.