KNTSWG is reg­istered under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.

That caters for the welfare of all non-teaching staff members of the KIST community. It confines its activities and operations within the mandates of KIST as a learning Insti­tution.

The organization is a non-political group formed to bring together the non-teaching staff members of KIST. It aims at creating a voice of oneness among members especially when raising their grievances and for good relationship with the KIST administration. It also aims at bring­ing together the members in the hour of need. This has been seen through our attendance and representation of our members to funeral and during sickness, hence improving the welfare and well being of our esteemed members. Membership to the wel­fare is voluntary and all non-teaching workers are encouraged to participate.

Currently it has 74 members who are actively involved in the welfare and wishes to any other person as it is open to all. The organization also holds public lectures to educate its mem­bers and the community around the institute about social prob­lems and how to deal with such. The key goal of the organization is to uphold the good aims of KIST as learning institution and to operate within the mandates of KIST and the laws of the republic of Kenya.

The organization operates within a set constitution and has of­ficials that are very committed. The KNTSWG gets its funding directly from the esteemed members and is planning to invest in order to improve the economic status of our members. We as a family believe that united we stand and divide we fall. The sky is not the limit and with one voice one people we will go far. We believe that together we can make KIST a better place for a better tomorrow with God’s help and through the empowerment of our administration.